The first step takes guts

Jetson Health Gut Prep Prebiotic is for a healthy gut plus prebiotics to support good bacteria*

Replenishes essential bacteria*
Crowds out bad bacteria*
Rugged, fast-acting capsule
Causes no bloating or discomfort*

How this works:

Not like other prebiotics

We developed this prebiotic because so many competitors get prebiotics wrong. Whereas theirs are basically just fiber pills that can cause bloating and discomfort, we formulated ours very differently. Jetson’s Gut Prep gets to work the moment it reaches the gut, founding a colony of good bacteria, while at the same time creating a healthy environment for good bacteria to flourish.* Because we know the first step in gut health is building a strong foundation for the body to begin repairing itself naturally.*

If you're new to probiotics, we highly recommend taking Gut Prep prebiotic capsules in conjunction with your first month of any Jetson probiotic.*

Hear from real Jetson customers

We're serious about gut health and the impact it can have on overall health. Get the scoop straight from real-life Jetson users whose guts — and lives — have been transformed.

† Customers have been incentivized to provide their feedback.

Formulated with high-quality ingredients

Preforpro® Prebiotic

Bacteriophage prebiotic that destabilizes the cell walls of undesirable bacteria in your gut and creates an environment where good bacteria (probiotics) can flourish, works in hours (not days) and does not cause gas or bloating*

B. Subtilis DE111®

Spore forming bacterium that helps keep bowel movements normal and regular*

Cleaner formulations = better products


Plant-based & allergy-free

Made in the US

We’re serious about efficacy

We’re committed to providing you with fresh solutions and effective formulations to help you achieve your gut-health goals. Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure that they remain effective.

A bottle to brag about

Our bottles are made of state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly materials. We’ve developed these bottles with quality and efficacy in mind.

With our moisture-control technology, you can rest assured that all of the live bacteria in your probiotic are protected. So the number of CFUs listed on the bottle (the amount of bacteria cells) is what you’ll always get. And they’re shelf-stable, so they don’t need to hit the fridge like other probiotics do.