Treat your symptoms today

With Jetson+ you get:

  • A diagnosis from a doctor
  • A personalized and affordable treatment plan
  • Discreet and convenient care from the comfort of your home

Here's how it works

Online diagnostic

Take the first step towards feeling better with this online diagnostic. It is a standard clinical protocol.

Scheduling & payment

If you meet the diagnostic criteria, you will be presented with the option to pay for and schedule a video appointment with a licensed medical provider in your state.

Customized treatment plan

Once you meet with your licensed medical provider, they will walk you through your diagnosis, provide a customized treatment plan of supplements, lifestyle modifications and prescription medications proven to tackle the symptoms.


You can easily connect with a medical provider at any time for extra support or to adjust your treatment plan.

What’s in your Jetson+ for IBS treatment plan?

A visit with a licensed medical provider, via video or email to receive your diagnosis
A comprehensive regimen of targeted prescription medications and Jetson-certified supplements
Access to expert guidance, educational content, and easy-to-follow lifestyle tips
A free printable Gut Health Diary to help you track your progress, triggers and symptoms
Access to a licensed medical provider for a check-in whenever you need it
Anytime access to our Jetson+ Health Concierge to help you easily manage your Jetson+ account

How does Jetson+ compare to conventional digestive care?

Licensed medical providers to help you treat your digestive issues

Our board-certified medical team is licensed across all 50 states† to provide safe, online, evidence-based treatments digestive issues. They use the same in-depth diagnostic you would get in person at a doctor’s office to accurately diagnose your digestive issues. In addition, our medical team is committed to your ongoing care, and are available for virtual consultations to discuss progress and adjust medications as needed.


Is Jetson+ covered by insurance?

We don’t bill insurance on your behalf, but we do generate a “Superbill'' that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement. If you would like this, please contact Jetson+ Health Concierge at

Is it private?

Yes. Jetson+ has pioneered a model where you don’t need to physically talk to anyone about your digestive issues. Simply filling out the diagnostic (the same one used by doctors in their offices across the country) is all the information your medical provider needs to build a treatment plan for you. Your prescriptions and supplements will come in discreet packaging, and every step is HIPAA-compliant, secure, and safe. Your health information is only shared with your designated medical provider.

How will I get my medications?

Once your medical provider has built your treatment plan, you will get an email from Jetson with your prescription details. After a simple checkout, your medications will come right to your house via our pharmacy in two separate packages.

What happens after I fill out the diagnostic?

The information is securely transmitted to our medical team in our internal portal for analysis. You will then choose how you want to engage with a doctor - via video or email. You can meet with them within 48 hours of taking your diagnostic and a treatment plan will be provided the same day of your appointment.

What if I already have a Jetson subscription?

Contact your Jetson+ Health Concierge at and we will help you adjust your existing subscription.

What makes Jetson+ different from other ways to treat IBS?
  • Convenient: Get treated from the convenience and privacy of your home. No waiting time in doctors offices or pharmacies.
  • Comprehensive: A diagnosis and treatment plans include medications for symptom relief and supplements for long-term maintenance.
  • Supportive: Additional Expert guidance and helpful tips to support your progress along the way.
How are the licensed medical providers involved?

Our licensed medical providers are involved in each step of our process. From reviewing your diagnosis to curating your treatment plan — you’ll have access to expert medical guidance throughout to help you take control of your digestive issues.

  • Talk to a Doctor Virtually: This visit includes a one-on-one video consultation with a licensed medical provider to discuss your diagnosis and recommended treatment options. You’ll also have the ability to schedule follow-up consultations to review your treatment plan, ask questions or voice concerns.