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Quality and Efficacy you can count on

I have been using the Digest probiotic for 3 months now and have had excellent results. It's a quality product you can trust. Customer service is very responsive if you have any questions or concerns

Mood probiotics

Good so far!

Outstanding results with the Skin Probiotic

I have run the gamut on trying different probiotics and finally found the Jetson Skin probiotic and I am blown away by the results. My skin on my hands was scaly to the point of cracking and bleeding and very painful. I was at my wits' end. I had tried every possible cream and the dermatologist could offer nothing new. I spent hours researching, and read about the gut's important role in overall health, including the skin. Testing revealed my intolerance to dairy, gluten and yeast and after figuring out that many of the probiotics contain either yeast or dairy or both, I began my search for one that was free of all of that and found Jetson. I first tried the Digest and then saw the Skin one and gave that a try. Wow! I cannot believe the change in my skin! I'm just finishing up my first bottle and I would say my skin is 70% better. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the difference! I highly recommend it!

Really liked the mood batch

I completed 3 months of the mood batch and liked it. I haven't noticed a big difference with the immune batch but like that it changes every 3 months.

Immediate Improvement

Taking the Digest formula for the first time, a few weeks in and it's working pretty well. The first few days of taking it were surprisingly helpful, which for me, is saying a lot. Going to keep trying it and will likely try some other versions eventually too.

Loving it

I've been taking the Fit for 4 months now and definitely see an improvement with my digestion. Am more regular than before :) Constipation is gone!

Great so far

I ordered the seasonal subscription. So far I've used the Mood and Immunity. The Mood formula was especially interesting. I experienced a greater sense of calm. In situations where I normally would have experienced a lot of difficulty with certain emotional reactions I found it much easier to be mindful and relax. I have ADHD and autism and struggle with emotional dysregulation and the Mood formula went a lot farther than expected in preventing emotional outbursts and allowing me to take the moments of calm needed to process my feelings. I was genuinely surprised it worked as well as it did. Immunity is having a less obvious effect, but I already don't get sick very often so it's tough to gauge it accurately. I'm excited to try the Skin formula. If that one does what I'm hoping it will do I'm going to be amazed.

Great product

My digestive life has gotten so much better since taking the Jetson Probiotics, first two months the seasonal probiotic, now on the Womens for two months. Was plagued by external yeast infection for several months last fall, that issue has completely cleared. I think all the products I've used have been very helpful. I would recommend to anyone.

Great So Far

Have been using for a little over a month and am feeling some improvement with my digestion. Hoping it continues to improve.


Love for the entire family

Love it

I take this along with the gut prep. I have taken a million probiotics. In my other review I mention I’ve been laxative dependent for 8 years due to gastric bypass. It’s been hell. Nothing is ever helped me to even slightly wean off of them. I have taken motegrity and a list of other prescribed meds on top of that and again nothing worked long term. I’ve been told by many that probiotics can help move things along but never experienced that. I saw an ad on Facebook and read many reviews that people said they had more bowel movements. I can’t really rely on those but took a chance with the 30% off. I was shocked when I was going to the bathroom daily and hadn’t taken any laxatives. It’s been almost 3 months now and I haven’t had to take any laxatives. And for someone with a stretched colon and depend on them for 8 years. That’s a miracle!

Gut Prep
Love it

It really helps to absorb more of the probiotic I believe. I have been laxative dependent for 8 years due to gastric bypass. Nothing has worked. Even the medicines that I started from a gastroenterologist eventually stopped working. I haven’t had to use laxatives in months. Everything else is an added bonus.

Great product

Great product and great customer service.

Highly recommend

Ihave been looking for the "right" probiotics for years. I have finally found them!
My overall health has improved over the year that I've been taking Jetson.
I have less pain and fatigue; caused by fibro. I have less days of feeling bloated when I don't make the healthiest food choices.
Best of all, I never run out, because they are delivered. With my busy schedule, I can't always remember to get to the store.
I have recommended Jetson to family and friends, coworkers and neighbors. Many of them have also started their own subscriptions; with excellent results.

Approaching normal

After getting c-diff January 1, 2020, it’s taken me months to get back on track. Doctors ruled out a host of other issues and these probiotics were recommended to me. After five months of issues and finally adding Jetson Probiotics to my routine, I feel much better.

Less bloating!

I can tell I have more regularity…. and better consistency! Definitely less bloating and indigestion!

Gut Recovery Probiotics
Very effective

Great probiotic, very effective.

Great Product & Great Service!!!!!!

Like they say it won't solve your problems if all you eat is junk, but the product works as advertised. The subscription works great always plenty of notice and the orders arrive on time. Highly recommend!!!!


This ish works. I know because I tossed last month’s bottle in my car and forgot to take it, and low and behold my skin which mysteriously cleared up after starting jetson, broke right on out around my chin with a big nasty zit. My mood, which has been more lovely, went back to unpredictable and SAD. My stomach makes strange sounds after eating (another issue jetson solved) again, and I am TIRED. Anyways. Gonna go get my bottle out of the back seat now.

I'm on my third month of the seasonal subscription, seems to be going good, I don't notice any drastic changes with my digestion or overall seasonal benefits, but I've had serious gut issues most of my life prior to being diagnosed with hashimoto's autoimmune so I' had already done a lot of work on my gut prior, now just looking to supplement with a high quality probiotic. I like how the strains rotate seasonally as I would not be going out of my way to do that if I were buying probiotics myself. After trying all of them, I might opt to more customize my approach based on what I feel my body responded best to.


I feel better and have more energy with Jetson.

Feeling Good

I am really enjoying these probiotics. I have tried other brands that really didn't seem to do anything for me. I had been having some digestive issues and Jetson paired with a healthy diet has really helped get those issues in check.

Good Stuff Only

Ever since I've been taking Jetson, my body feels so much better. No more bloating or tummy aches. This stuff is great. Love the seasonal prebiotic subscription. Truly a game changer.

#2 issues solved!

I’ve been taking the seasonal probiotics for 3 months. The first two I also took the gut one. I’ve since just been taking the seasonal but added in a greens supplement. I’ve been regular a few weeks after I started taking it… and I really think my mood has improved.

Best Concept

The first program I found that bothers to rotate probiotic strains. And that is a concept that I can 100% get behind.
I have medical conditions that render my gut less healthy than the average person, so I never noticed much of a difference when I am taking a probiotic, but taking Jetson seasonal blend with the Gut Prep was the first time I have ever been able to know that a probiotic is doing me good.