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Another product home run!

After Ate is my new favorite in the pantheon pro-biotic and gut health Jetson products. It is effective without the bad aftertaste and negative side affects of other products I have used.

I love all their products (AFTER ATE is my new favorite

I've been a fan of Jetson for a long time. I've been using their probiotics for years and love them. My new favorite product of theirs, and digestive enzyme (of any brand) now is their After Ate. It taste great, using it after a meal feels better for me than using it at the first bite, and the chewable minty tablet is great. I love it.

Effective product

I like the fact that they are mints and dissolve similar to a lozenge. I think the taste and texture is ok but can be improved. Overall it is effective for mild digestion discomfort.

Worst packaging possibly ever

The enzymes work! The cardboard tube is the worst. I would love something refillable. The cardboard is a good idea but they spill out every time I open it. Maybe it’s me haha. The product is good tho (:

After Ate - Fabulous!

What a great product. Since taking these, there is no more bloating or discomfort after beans, veggies, or well, anything! Jetson has been a life changer for me and these are another wonderful product from their line. Highly recommend them - you won't be disappointed!

After Ate is Great!

After Ate provides a convenient healthy dose of various enzymes to help breakdown food. I love this product. I take it like an after meal mint. Prevents any bloating or gas that I would typically get from beans/legumes and hummus, etc.

Great product, makes eating easier!

They are unique products

I've used the Digest probiotics for a while and I really like them. They actually are unique and necessary for me. I switched to Fit for the summer and my body told me it was not what I needed in multiple ways. Now I'm going back to Digest and introducing the digestive enzymes, I'm looking forward to a powerful 1-2 punch of support!

You Need These!

I thought for sure I had major gut issues, but when I tried Jetson probiotics my life completely changed! I have never felt better, and my gut has never been healthier! If you’re thinking about buying probiotics, please, buy these!

Jetson has saved my life

My belly has never been happy with me. I've made a lot of bad decisions in life, from bad food to drugs... my belly was never the same after the damage I done to it, but I've been taking the probiotics for the last 2 years, and recently got the after ate and let me tell you, that's been a game changer. I can eat fast food, I can eat dairy. I am no longer gassy, and boated after I eat. I will be a life long customer for sure. Thank you Jetson, you've made my gut happy, I'm not afraid to eat in social settings anymore, because I don't get gassy. Honestly don't hesitate, they will change your life!!

Good for digestion

Occasionally some things can randomly affect my stomach and this helps quell those instances. Every time I take one I never have any issues of cramping or bloat. Pretty solid so far for trying!

After Ate- so far so good!

I’ve only used these a few times so far, but I’ve had encouraging results. I used to take another brand of enzyme that needed to be taken before eating, so I would need to know ahead of time if there was a possibility of me might needing them, and I don’t always plan ahead like that. I’ve been taking After Ate when I’m eating something that is known to potentially cause me discomfort, or if I start to feel bloated while I’m finished my meal. The directions say to take within 15 minutes after eating, so I don’t feel like it leaves much of a window of time if you start to feel discomfort >15 minutes after eating, which I sometimes do.
I took off one star because the tablets in my travel tube went stale- I don’t think the cardboard tube is the best at keeping moisture out. Regardless, I don’t think it impacts the effectiveness. I haven’t experienced any severe enough symptoms to know how well After Ate actually works, but there have been a couple instances where I have taken it when I feel some bloating coming on, and it seems to be effective at preventing me from feeling like an overfilled balloon. Overall, I’m happy with After Ate and will continue to use it.

After Ate is AMAZING

I have a lot of digestion issues after too many years of NSAID for rheumatoid arthritis and both After Ate and Jetsons seasonal probiotics finally got my gut back on track after a long fight with gastritis. I feel great after eating now and the flavor is pretty tasty too!

Fit Probiotics
Nancy Kim
FIT is the best!

I take metformin and it ruins my digestion almost daily. I’ve tried many different probiotics and spent $$$ to find one that will help with my metformin digestive side effects. I found jetson on google search. I tried DIGEST one and twice a day and it didn’t help me with my digestion issues. The FIT really helped me a lot. Once a day wasn’t strong enough to get relief so I tried twice a day and that really made a difference. Now I buy lots of FIT bottles cause IT’S the ONLY probiotic formula that provides relief with the metformin side effects.

Fabulous product

By the third day I could feel the difference. More energy, less tummy issues and the real proof appeared when I DIDNT take it one day - not good! Highly recommend this product for anyone with IBS

Totally worth it!

I’m 5mo pp and was having digestive issues plus the weight was not coming off. After taking these I’m finally regular again, no bloating, no constipation, no hemorrhoids and I even lost 5lbs! Yes, without changing my diet or exercise.

I'm amazed

I've tried a lot of supplements in the past and had never written a review for any of them, because they just didn't work. But I have to let everyone know that Jetson Probiotics work! I'm taking "FIT" and have been for only a couple of weeks. I feel amazing. I seriously didn't think probiotics could make me feel this way. I was hoping they would just help with my digestive issues, but they've done way more than that. My mood has increased 10x and I've been losing weight without even trying. I feel full sooner than I did before, so I'm eating less. I don't feel hungry or have cravings during the day. Did I mention my mood? I feel great. I'm thankful for Jetson and how they are making me feel. I did take "Mood" last month, so that may be why I'm feeling so much happier. I just didn't notice it until I started taking "Fit" this month. If my mood declines over time, I will gladly order "Mood" again, because I feel fantastic right now.

Love Jetson

I've been subscribing to Jetson monthly for quite a while now. Love the quality of the products, that they change formulas each season, and that it is conveniently delivered to my doorstep.

Best Probiotic ever

I've been taking Jetson's probiotics for over a year now. It's hands down the best probiotic I've ever used. I love the fact that there are different formulas for each season. My body likes the switch-up. Thanks, Jetson!

Seasonal Subscription

Been taking the seasonal subscription for a few years now. Stopped for a few months but quickly went back on. My acid reflux is much better while taking these. Bottle is right next to my Keurig so I take it while my coffee is brewing. Will never stop taking these again.

Great product!

I’ve been taking Jetson for about 6 months now and what a difference! I find I’m less bloated and generally have less stomach issues. I subscribe to the seasonal pack, and so far have used the mood and immunity probiotics. Love them both!

Quality and Efficacy you can count on

I have been using the Digest probiotic for 3 months now and have had excellent results. It's a quality product you can trust. Customer service is very responsive if you have any questions or concerns

Mood probiotics

Good so far!

Outstanding results with the Skin Probiotic

I have run the gamut on trying different probiotics and finally found the Jetson Skin probiotic and I am blown away by the results. My skin on my hands was scaly to the point of cracking and bleeding and very painful. I was at my wits' end. I had tried every possible cream and the dermatologist could offer nothing new. I spent hours researching, and read about the gut's important role in overall health, including the skin. Testing revealed my intolerance to dairy, gluten and yeast and after figuring out that many of the probiotics contain either yeast or dairy or both, I began my search for one that was free of all of that and found Jetson. I first tried the Digest and then saw the Skin one and gave that a try. Wow! I cannot believe the change in my skin! I'm just finishing up my first bottle and I would say my skin is 70% better. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the difference! I highly recommend it!

I love Jetson

I have been using Jetson probiotics for a year and it has been wonderful! Very good quality probiotics and convenient auto shipping. Out of the 12 months I have been receiving Jetson I have never had an issue. I finally had my first shipping mishap and Jetsons’s customer service rep, Matt, was quick to respond and very helpful! I recommend Jetson to anyone looking for an all around good quality product! Thank you Jetson!

Works quickly and well

I had been shopping around for different probiotics for a while due to recurring digestive issues such as irregularity, bloating, and discomfort as well as recurring yeast infections. I had recommendations for taking a ton of additional prebiotics in the form of multiple powders and other supplements. I was so happy to find the prebiotics and womens probiotics from Jetson in simple pills, delivered automatically to my door. They worked to address my regularity almost immediately and I also saw relief right away from monthly PMS related yeast infections. I feel bloated less often and overall more comfortable in my body.