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The best probiotic I have found! Makes me feel great and helps regulate my digestive system!🥰

I’ve been taking Jetson for 1 year now and it’s a fantastic product

Took my cough away

Have been taking this for a couple months. Had been taking a medication for acid reflux but still had a cough (which I have had for years). Since starting Jetson Immunity, my cough has almost completely gone away. What a relief not to have that awful, embarrassing cough.

Skin Probiotics
Better digestion but not great

So I got these from Instagram. I’ve used them for 7 weeks now, and I did notice a difference in digestion. I could eat a few more things that I usually couldn’t with my IBS. I.e. gluten, some more dairy. But that’s really it.

I hope to see more improvement soon, but I’m not sure that probiotics like this one are a silver bullet for IBS symptoms.


I have been SUFFERING with IBS since I was a kid. I have tried and researched every product, gummy, pill, probiotic, I have tried everything under the sun...THIS DIGEST PROBIOTIC WORKS!!! I take this with Fit, first thing in the AM with room temp. water. I have not been bloated since I started these pills! If I have a flare up, my stomach literally looks 6-8 months pregnant, zero exaggeration. The bloating and flare ups have stopped! Not only is the product amazing but the customer service is phenmonal! I have worked with Matt and he fixed my problem instantly (that was my own user error). Thank you Jetson for saving me!

Quality & Ease

I've been taking Jetson probiotics for years now; the subscription makes it so I never run out. I tried the seasonal subscription first, which I liked, but I eventually switched to the general Digest type because I'm not looking to be "fit" in the summer tbh (gives me weird diet culture vibes) and I already take a vitamin D supplement year round; my goals are to have a happier gut and I do think Digest helps. I sometimes struggle to justify the cost of this subscription as I'm low income but I do value quality goods, especially when I'm ingesting them, and have compared prices at the health food stores-- it's not really cheaper to go out to get them monthly (there *are* cheaper options but I question the quality of the tablet types and comparable quality brands were about the same price in-store when I looked). And whenever I've reached out about orders, I've always gotten a quick & personal response, which I really appreciate.

Fit Probiotics
I am blown away

I am woman who is post menopausal who has been suffering from constipation on and off again for several years. I have tried every natural option out there I could find. This works I have only been taking it for 6 days and I am regular for the first time in a long time. If you are unsure give it a try. Hoping for continued success

Gut Prep

I have only been using this for 6 days and the I am amazed that I am finally going to the bathroom every day, no more straining and constipation. I hope that over time it continues to improve. I did find today on day 6 that it actually cleaned me out and I hadn't taken anything beside Prebiotics and Probiotics from Jetson

Skin Probiotics
Great probiotic for glowing skin

This product really helps with my eczema as well as keeping everything else regular.

So much relief!

After Ate is the most effective (and tasty) digestive enzyme I've used. As someone with a history of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and a host of food sensitivities, After Ate gives me piece of mind and allows me to enjoy foods without worry. I've tried using it before, during, and after a meal, and found that it's most effective when I take it within 15 minutes of completing my eating. It also has a nice minty flavor that freshens my breath after eating. The customer service is also super responsive and friendly, and I especially appreciate that.

I’m a believer

Overall I think these are unique, high quality probiotics. I started with the seasonal varieties, and then I switched to taking the Fit blend all year long. I like that the specific probiotics chosen for the Fit blend are all targeted for optimal fat digestion and bowel regularity. I think it has helped me mostly with the latter, which I think can indirectly help with weight loss, particularly if constipation is an issue. I think it’s definitely worth a try, and I will continue to repurchase. On a side note: I recently had a technical issue with my account. It was resolved quickly, and customer service was excellent ;)

Great product!

I have taken a lot of probiotics over the years. This one has had an effect in a pretty short period of time and it’s definitely helping with my digestion. I would highly recommend it. I was very excited to find Jetson. The story of the founder really gave me confidence in the quality of the product. I am also someone who has suffered with auto immune disease with some of the same characteristics as multiple sclerosis. I am a firm believer in the gut connection to overall health, particularly when it comes to the nervous system definitely give Jetson a try!

Favorite New Supplement

I've always struggled with bloating and I love taking this daily to help with my digestion! Cannot recommend enough!!

Game changer

I bought this less than a month ago and it really does the job! I’m rarely bloated after taking these after a big meal& rarely have to go to bathroom right after eating definitely recommend

Great combo of probiotics and immune support!

The immunity probiotic is my favorite of the seasonal subscription rotation! I found it really does help my digestion, keeps me regular, AND has the added bonus of boosting my immune system. I only had one minor cold throughout cold and flu season!

Digest Probiotics
Awesome product works well

Just tried this product on a whim for my bloating it worked wonders for me definitely recommend

Saves me from sickness

I’ve been taking the seasonal probiotics for almost 2 years and I sincerely believe the Immunity probiotic keeps the colds, the flus, the covids away. It’s the probiotics I need and love with a little boost to prevent me from getting sick during the icky winter months when everyone’s dropping like flies. So thankful for the extra support when I need it the most!

Immunity Probiotics
Hassle Free Subscription - Good Quality

Been wanting a quality probiotic and glad I chose this company. It is so convenient to have this shipped directly to my door. I have noticed an improvement in my bowl movements and digestion.

Fantastic product for women

I have been using this probiotic for about 6 months now and it really helps me feel healthy, keeps my gut straight and helps temper some of my pre/menopausal symptoms.

Love it!

I am very happy with this product. I've been using it for awhile now and love it!

Like the add-ons for this blend

Not 100% sure if this has really helped support immunity hence the 4 stars - but I like the add ons (echinacea and vitamin c which both have research evidence showing they support a healthy immune system). Have been using this in winter season for a few years and have not experienced any weird side effects and not totally sure if its because of this probiotic but illnesses have definitely been to a minimum. So will continue to use.

Best Probiotic Around!

I am on the seasonal rotation subscription and I love it! I’ve noticed less stomach bloat and discomfort as well as improved acne! Another huge plus is that it stored at room temp, unlike other high end probiotics, meaning I can travel with my gut health supper easily! I had to double my subscription because my wife started taking it when she had some stomach discomfort and never stopped! Highly recommend!

effective and reliable

I have been a big believer in probiotics for a long time, but faced constant frustration with stores being sold out of my brand or running out when I didn't realize I was low. I tend to get a bad tummy if i miss a day so when I discovered Jetson I was very happy! The product itself has been excellent and I love the added B vitamins that honestly do improve my outlook.

Really helps lift my mood!

I've been taking the Mood for half a year. I forgot to take them for a week and I noticed a big difference in my overall outlook. I wondered why do I feel down? When I realized I hadn't taken Mood for a week I realized why. I started back up and noticed the perk of ease in my day and less negativity. It really helps! Especially in the long dreary winter months.

Long-standing customer and digging the new strain

I’ll caveat this with I don’t have any women’s health issues, and I’m a longtime jetson customer. Strain seems good and on par with the jetson brand. I haven’t really noticed any differences, but just as great as the other strains