The no pressure plan to keep you on track

Our Seasonal Plan of probiotics does more than just digestion. It's a blend of probiotics, botanicals and vitamins that delivers what you need when you need it most.

What's in the seasonal Plan?

Four of our top-selling probiotic formulations with a boost of botanicals and vitamins, chosen to keep you at your healthy best throughout the year — auto-shipped to you for free when you need them the most.


Maintain a healthy immune system with our Immunity probiotic blend, plus Vitamin D and Echinacea.

We ship this formulation December through February — during the height of cold & flu season.


Keep skin healthy all year round with our Skin probiotic blend, plus SolarPlast® and Vitamins A & E.

We ship this formulation March through May — just when you're shedding those winter layers.


Reach peak performance and lose weight doing it with Fit, a unique probiotic-only blend for weight loss.

We ship this formulation June through August — when you're doing the most to wear the least.


Stay focused and brush away the blues with our Mood probiotic blend, plus L theanine and Vitamins B & D.

We ship this formulation September through November — when the days get shorter and grayer.

We make it easy to be consistent

A healthy gut is the key to total body wellness — and being consistent is the unlock to long-term health. We make it easy by auto-shipping the right formulation to you during the time of year you need it most, and with our no worry guarantee, there's no pressure. You can skip or cancel at anytime.

"It all started with my MS diagnosis"

16 years ago, I turned to western medicine to ‘fix’ me. While it helped, it wasn’t until I spent time working on my gut that I realized the true power of that miracle organ (that most of us ABUSE!). So I built Jetson to help millions of us heal from within. We exist to take the mystery out of gut health. Our products are the best in the business (literally), using only science-backed, high-quality ingredients.

Stefan Weitz, Jetson co-founder

They love Jetson, So will you

"You Need These! I thought for sure I had major gut issues, but when I tried Jetson Fit probiotics my life completely changed!" -- Brittany

"Best Probiotic ever. I've been taking Jetson's seasonal probiotics for over a year now. It's hands down the best probiotic I've ever used. Thanks, Jetson!" -- Carol

Trusted by over 100,000 guts
Clean ingredients for every lifestyle
Risk-free money-back guarantee
Skip or cancel at anytime


What's in the Jetson Seasonal Plan

For $35 a month we send you one bottle of the currently shipping probiotic formulation with a boost of botanicals and vitamins.

  • Immunity - Ships December through February
  • Skin - Ships March through May
  • Fit - Ships June through August
  • Mood - Ships September through November
What can I expect from taking a probiotic?

When you start taking probiotics, you’re introducing a host of beneficial microbes that will quickly begin to multiply in the digestive tract. These friendly flora work hard to crowd out the types of bacteria and yeast you don’t want in your body. This is great— it’s why you’re taking probiotics in the first place! However, while healthy bacteria are taking hold and colonizing the digestive system, you might notice a few unexpected changes. You or your child may experience a little gas, along with changes in the frequency and texture of bowel movements (BMs). This is totally normal as your body adjusts, but we recommend upping your fluid intake during this phase.

Soon, your stomach will adapt and you’ll notice less gas. You might continue to see increased or decreased BMs as your body gets accustomed to its new gut health. A healthy gut means better absorption of nutrients, so your BMs are more efficient and better quality.

How will I know if it's working?

Everyone’s a little different—some might feel changes within the first few weeks, and for others it could take up to two months. Some people might not even feel a change at all, but that doesn’t mean your probiotics aren’t doing their job. In the background, probiotics are balancing your gut, helping with nutrient absorption and boosting the immune system. If you’re eating a diet that’s rich in processed foods, your gut is likely in pretty bad shape. While probiotics are working their magic, you may notice a shift in BM’s or an increase in gas. Like we said, this will level out. However, if you have a relatively healthy gut, you may not notice a difference, especially in BMs— this doesn’t mean they aren’t working to keep you regular and boost your immune system.

Do CFUs matter?

CFUs reference an amount in microbiology that estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample. Basically, a CFU is a unit of the good ‘bugs’ found in probiotics. CFU numbers on probiotic supplements can vary anywhere from several million to 50 billion. Researchers have concluded that an effective probiotic dosage for overall gut health is around 20 million CFUs per day. Probiotic variants with tens of billions of CFUs per serving are providing far more than necessary for general improved gut health. Most importantly, outrageous CFU counts may also imply that there’s a need to compensate for poor survival rates.

Can I take probiotics with my medication?

Whenever you add any supplement into your routine, you should make sure that you have received the all clear from your doctor to make sure you won’t have any unforeseen interactions.