Kids multivitamin

For a healthy gut, plus a boost in gut cell integrity

Our Gut Gurus recommends adding a multivitamin to your family's routine because it is the easiest way to fill any dietary gaps. These kid-friendly, strawberry-flavored gummies use natural fruits and vegetables with no added sugar. Each gummy contains 13 essential vitamins that support your children's daily gut function and contribute to overall healthy growth.*

Supplement Facts

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Kids multivitamin
13 natural vitamins
No added sugar
real fruit

vitamins to maximize gut functions

supports gut barrier cell growth
boosts gut bacteria diversity
stimulates proper food & nutrient digestion
helps normal gut & immune functions
7/13 vitamins for gut health benefits

For intestinal mucosa tissue growth

Intestinal mucosa is the innermost layer of your gut that directly contacts digested food from the stomach.

Increases gut microbiome diversity

Vitamin C is found to increase scfa (short chain fatty acid) production and number of species.

Promotes intestinal integrity

Vitamin D has shown to impact microbiome levels, such as increasing genus akkermansia. Akkermansia is related to increasing mucus thickness in the gut. This thick mucus creates a protective barrier between your body and the world inside the gut.

Potentially promote intestinal integrity & microbiome balance

Vitamin E has shown to support gut barrier integrity in animal studies but hasn’t been tested in humans. However, several small groups of studies found that Vitamin E is also related to changes in certain bacteria in the gut. More studies need to happen on the Vitamin E and gut connection, but Vitamin E is a beneficial antioxidant for skin health and healthy aging.

Stimulate proper food digestion

Low Thiamine levels can inhibit gastric acid and result in incomplete digestion in the stomach. The larger the food particles are when entering your gut, the more work your gut needs to do, which may end up with upper GI bloating, acid reflux, and nausea.

An unhealthy gut has higher risk of Riboflavin deficiency

Vitamin B is important for the body to convert food to energy. Low Riboflavin concentration is observed in patients with IBD, which might explain why you feel fatigue and tired.

Contributes to pathogen identification in the gut

Your gut plays an important role in immune function. Vitamin B6 is involved in the breakdown of lipid mediator S1P on the gut barrier, which signals to white blood cells when pathogens are identified.

take 2 bites daily with a meal containing healthy fats

vitamins a, d, e, & k are better absorbed when taken with fat
consult your physician before use
not suitable for low fodmap diet due to apple pectin