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Doctor formulated digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics supercharged for weight loss, clear skin, better sleep, boosted immunity, and vaginal health.

Natural relief for digestive issues

Beat mild food intolerances with our new digestive enzyme, After Ate. Each mint helps alleviate gas, bloating and discomfort.

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Get a straightforward IBS diagnosis & treatment plan with Jetson+. The best telehealth prescription treatment plan for IBS. Prescribed by doctors. 100% online.

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Telehealth for IBS

Our affordable IBS treatment program — 100% online

Fast digestive relief

Prevent gas, bloating & indigestion

Gut health

Pre & probiotics packed with a boost

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UTI prevention & hormonal balance


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"You Need These! I thought for sure I had major gut issues, but when I tried Jetson Fit probiotics my life completely changed!" -- Brittany

"Best Probiotic ever. I've been taking Jetson's seasonal probiotics for over a year now. It's hands down the best probiotic I've ever used. Thanks, Jetson!" -- Carol

"After Ate is AMAZING! I have a lot of digestion issues after too many years of NSAID for rheumatoid arthritis and both After Ate and Jetsons seasonal probiotics finally got my gut back on track after a long fight with gastritis." -- Courtney

Effective & easy gut care for everyone


Daily probiotic for vaginal health


Daily probiotic for clear & healthy skin


Daily probiotic for healthy weight loss

After Ate

Digestive enzyme mints for fast bloating relief

Gut Prep

Daily prebiotic to fight bad bacteria


Daily probiotic for your best digestion


Daily probiotic for mental health


Daily probiotic for immune health

“It all started with my MS Diagnosis”

16 years ago, I turned to western medicine to ‘fix’ me. While it helped, it wasn’t until I spent time working on my gut that I realized the true power of that miracle organ (that most of us ABUSE!). So I built Jetson to help millions of us heal from within. We exist to take the mystery out of gut health. Our products are the best in the business (literally), using only science-backed, high-quality ingredients.

Stefan Weitz, Jetson co-founder

Our medical team

We’re here to make sure you’re in expert hands at every step of your gut health journey: Our team of scientists and medical doctors guide our process — and products — from end to end.

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"After Ate mints keep you from feeling like an overfilled balloon."

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