Being healthy takes guts

Unlocking the secrets to a healthy gut is the key to total body wellness. Gut health isn’t just about digestion but also weight management, immunity, glowing skin, and even happiness.

But not all gut health products are equal. Created with top doctors, scientists, and nutritionists — and informed by 30 years of research — Jetson works from the inside out.

Our unique formulations of the world’s finest clinically studied ingredients are crafted in our labs in Georgia, USA. We’ve already helped 100,000’s of people — including our founder who found relief from his autoimmune disease by healing his gut.

Want better health? The answer has been inside you all along — all it takes is guts.

“It all started with my MS diagnosis"

16 years ago, I turned to western medicine to ‘fix’ me. While it helped, it wasn’t until I spent time working on my gut that I realized the true power of that miracle organ (that most of us ABUSE!). So I built Jetson to help millions of us heal from within. We exist to take the mystery out of gut health. Our products are the best in the business (literally), using only science-backed, high-quality ingredients.

Stefan Weitz, Jetson Health co-founder

Our Medical Team

Product development scientists

Each of our products goes through rigorous development vetted by these experts, who keep up to date on the very latest gut health research and innovations.

Gut Gurus

A team of leading medical doctors, our Gut Gurus guide Jetson’s product innovation. They’ll support you along the way, answering questions, giving advice and helping you crush your health goals.