Being healthy takes guts

My multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis set me on a heavily medicated path. It kept the disease at bay, but I felt terrible. I was popping a ton of painkillers while working non-stop. I pushed my body to the limit.

“You’re killing yourself by doing what you’re doing.”

After hearing those words from my doctor, I took control of my health: I began taking probiotics, sleeping more, and paying close attention to my nutrition. Within three weeks, I went from taking 2000 mg of painkillers to taking zero. It was this revelation that what you put in your body - food, probiotics - have an amazing ability to fix what’s wrong with us.

I started Jetson because I believe in small habits that make getting and staying healthy simpler. For everyone. We’re not like other gut health brands. They’re in the poop business. We go way beyond poop. We know the secret to better health. It’s guts. It goes way beyond digestion. It’s about good moods and great skin, better sleep and... so much more.

Stefan Weitz, Jetson Health founder

Gut health backed by science

Science now shows that gut health isn’t just about digestion but also weight management, immunity, glowing skin, and even happiness. But not all gut health products are up to date with the latest findings.

Created with top doctors, scientists, and nutritionists – and informed by years of research – Jetson works from the inside out, unlocking the secrets to a healthy gut and total body wellness.

Our unique formulations include clinically studied ingredients and are crafted in our labs in Georgia, USA. We’ve already served thousands of people and have product solutions for adults and kids.

Want better health? The answer has been inside you all along – all it takes is guts.